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• 6/16/2016

Editing the Did you know module

Usually, we do not aim at users editing modules, which is why Module:Utils is locked. We do allow you to edit Module:Did you know, but there ARE some rules.

  • No Editing anyone of the code outside of the table.  Only edit facts inside the p.items table.
  • Inside the p.items table, you are only permitted to add facts.  No opinions, such as "ODing is gross, bring back tickets, etc."
  • Facts must have something to do with  No facts about the wiki, or other websites.
  • No repeated facts.  Basically, if you add a fact about an incident, make sure a fact about that incident does not already exist in the table.
  • If you break the whole Module somehow, IMMEDIATELY UNDO YOUR UPDATE! Read the Setup section below to understand how you won't do this.
  • Facts must be specific. Example:
    • How to do it: "Many admins were fired on the October 24th twitch incident"
    • How NOT to do it: "Many admins were fired."
  • Read the Punishments list for a list of punishments you can get for not following one of the rules above.


There is a setup that has to be made so you do not accidentally break the module.

  • Your fact must be in quotation marks (")
    • Your fact must have quotation marks from the first character to the last character
    • After you put your fact in, at the end of the fact, put a ; outside of the quotation
    • EG. "Many admins were fired during the October 24th twitch incident";
  • Each fact should start with a new line

Thank you for reading all this. This is how to edit the Module:Did you know module.

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