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• 6/19/2016

GameTalk: One game just isn't enough :3

First Post in Fun and games board has just been nabbed!

Welcome to GameTalk, a fun and games thread dedicated to Videogames (Fine.. ROBLOX is included). As long as overly vulgar and/or explicit  content doesnt find its way here, feel free to talk about anything on-topic.

Just to kickstart some conversation, how does everyone feel about Crash Bandicoot being put into Skylanders: Imaginators? I feel betrayed at how we were trolled at E3.

Also, I am the founder of an ever-growing Videogame Wiki.

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• 6/19/2016
I played Skylanders before
• 6/20/2016
Kooldude183 wrote:
I played Skylanders before

I remember playing Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, thinking it was a Spyro reboot. I sold it, because I thought it was crap, and I thought the toy-to-life thing was going to be a short-lived gimmick.

Crash Bandicoot doesnt deserve to be in Skylanders: Imaginators, he deserves to be in far better games, like a sequel.

• 6/26/2016

On my Wiki, I have made a news thing. My wiki's front page automatically puts blog posts from certain users on a template.

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