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• 6/20/2016

The wiki is now on a go!

I got all the essentials of the wiki down.  I'm developing the infobox for players right now, then I will get to work on the other stuff!  Thanks for staying around while I was making the essentials for the wiki!  I just want to say, I give SOOO much credit to The roblox wiki, you can't even believe, especially Mark Otaris, he made the modules that run the templates.
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• 6/16/2016

Editing the Did you know module

Usually, we do not aim at users editing modules, which is why Module:Utils is locked. We do allow you to edit Module:Did you know, but there ARE some rules.

No Editing anyone of the code outside of the table.  Only edit facts inside the p.items table.
Inside the p.items table, you are only permitted to add facts.  No opinions, such as "ODing is gross, bring back tickets, etc."
Facts must have something to do with  No facts about the wiki, or other websites.
You can do facts about people, but they must follow the Notability Policy.
No repeated facts.  Basically, if you add a fact about an incident, make sure a fact about that incident does not already exist in the table.
If you break the whole Module somehow, IMMEDIATELY UNDO YOUR UPDATE! Read the Setup section below to understand how you won't do this.
Facts must be specific. Example:
How to do it: "Many admins were fired on the October 24th twitch incident"
How NOT to do it: "Many admins were fired."
Read the Punishments list for a list of punishments you can get for not following one of the rules above.
There is a setup that has to be made so you do not accidentally break the module.

Your fact must be in quotation marks (")
Your fact must have quotation marks from the first character to the last character
After you put your fact in, at the end of the fact, put a ; outside of the quotation
EG. "Many admins were fired during the October 24th twitch incident";
Each fact should start with a new line

Thank you for reading all this. This is how to edit the Module:Did you know module.
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• 6/19/2016

GameTalk: One game just isn't enough :3

First Post in Fun and games board has just been nabbed!
Welcome to GameTalk, a fun and games thread dedicated to Videogames (Fine.. ROBLOX is included). As long as overly vulgar and/or explicit  content doesnt find its way here, feel free to talk about anything on-topic.
Just to kickstart some conversation, how does everyone feel about Crash Bandicoot being put into Skylanders: Imaginators? I feel betrayed at how we were trolled at E3.
Also, I am the founder of an ever-growing Videogame Wiki.
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• 6/14/2016

What is this Wikia supposed to be for?

There are very few pages on this Wikia, and there is already a Roblox Wikia. What is this Wikia for?
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• 6/11/2016

A Mod's Guide to not get banned!

With some prior aid from a Fortune Teller I met in the Himalayas, I decided while running away from Yeti's to some up forum rules in the N&A Board so new, oncoming users are not frightened by our draconian/helpful Moderation Rules.
This is established from what is at the time of posting, the most recent version of the Wiki Policies.
So here are some quick tips to not recieve the mightly blow of the banhammer:

Post in the right category: Though you wont recieve any punishments for this, its a pain to keep moving threads while we could be ambushing legions of vandals
Do not use foul language: Swears, Slurs, we dont care, expect a punishment.
Hate/Offensive Speech: Come on guys, grow up. Get over stuff like this simply to boost your own ego. Saying things such as "dat is so gay" comes under this, as it is offending a group of people. You can edit that sentence and replace it with other words which I have no need to say.
There is a punishment ladder for punishable crimes.

Punishment 1 - Fine: You will be given a warning so you will not repeat your actions
Punishment 2 - Jail Sentence: If you repeat violations of the Wiki Policies, your account will be temporarily blocked
Punishment 3 - Life Sentence: Further infractions of the Policy will result in an extended/even longer block on your account. I would think very carefully now, if you havent done so already.
Punishment 4 - Execution: For your idiotic, repetitive violations of the Policy despite all other methods of attempting to make you stop, your account will be permanently blocked, as you are clearly not welcome here anymore. Goodbye.
Thanks for reading -
Alienation (talk) - Discussion Mod
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• 6/8/2016

Greetings ROBLOXians

I just found this wiki from ROBLOX.WIKIA.COM
I appreciate how we are using their insignia's, but I think eventually, after some graphic designer guy pops out of nowhere, we will have to make new ones to distinguish ourselves.
I will happily provide assistance on this wiki, though I am not known for having spare time.
Anything you lot want from me?
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